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By | July 9, 2022
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The Committee has had to look at the production and distribution costs of the newsletter. Most of you view it on the website, but some members receive the newsletter as a print version. Currently, those members pay £8 extra per year for this and it covers 10 newsletters – so they pay 80p per edition. Unfortunately, the costs of printing, and in some cases posting, the newsletter has always been subsidised, but this cost is rising. We have looked at the costs and the average printing cost per edition is £1.39 and where we post it, it adds £1. So each printed newsletter potentially costs £2.39 which is almost three times the 80p paid by these members. It’s why the newsletter last month was not printed professionally. We do not feel we can ask those receiving it to pay the full cost of the printed newsletter nor can we continue to subsidise it, so we have taken the decision to move to a bi-monthly newsletter. It will continue to contain details of events for your diary, group news but also editorials. So this (July edition) is the last monthly newsletter. September will be the first bi-monthly newsletter and will cover October events as well. We are sorry that we have had to make this decision but it was necessary.

2 thoughts on “Newsletter to go bi-monthly

  1. Hilary FiskHilary Fisk

    I would like to remind members that the website is a major tool for alerting members to news and updates on all matters u3a-related and does not need to be constrained by deadlines or publication schedules! Send your News via the ‘News’ page and it can appear very quickly.

  2. Pam Young

    Very good point. Group news can be updated very easily on the website.


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