Creative Writing – Five minute exercise

These exercises are not intended to produce polished pieces of writing – they are intended to get your imagination flowing without your  ‘internal editor’ having a chance to tell you it’s rubbish or that you’ve spelt something incorrectly!  So – get your paper and pen ready, don’t think before you start, set your timer for 5 minutes, read the title and start writing.  Keep writing – even if it’s nonsense – for the full five minutes, without stopping.  When the timer goes off, stop – unless of course, you are in the middle of a really good story, in which case carry on for as long as you want!  Have a look at what you have written … and you may be very surprised at what you’ve produced.  Yes, sometimes it will be nonsense, but at other times you will see things you didn’t even know were in your head.  That’s the ‘magic’ of creative writing.

Examples of our work

Six words of hope 

The Key Wouldn’t Fit the Lock

Does Anyone Have a Safety Pin?

We Didn’t Notice He was Missing Until …

My First Pet