Photo Group – August 2021: Watchet

Each member has their own gallery below.  You can open a gallery by clicking on (or tapping) an image.  You can then go back < and forward > using the chevrons at each side of the image.  Exit using the big X at the top right above the image – and then you can open another member’s gallery.  If you would like to add a comment, there is a space for this at the bottom of the page. 

Derek Webb

All taken with my trusty Canon 80D.

Mark Rest

Barbara Robinson

I tried to get slightly different views of old themes, all taken with Olympus OM10 on automatic.

Steve Presnell

I did enjoy getting to know Watchet a little more, but I did find the theme rather difficult.  I have tried to capture details with some relevant background, and I will leave others to judge if these convey a sense of the place. 

I used my new Fuji Film X-T4 (first proper test), on ISO 200 and automatic exposure and white balance.  It’s going to take me a while to get used this camera, and also to find suitable picture editing software which can do justice to RAW files from Fujifilm’s sensor.  For these I used the (free) Capture One Express.  If I can work out how to coordinate the Capture One catalogue with the folders on my computer’s hard drive I might consider buying the Pro version.

Stewart Lane

My offerings are about the people and colour of the day, which was very busy and sunny.

They were shot on my Canon 5DII with a 17-40mm zoom (at different settings) and mostly at 200 ISO.  I used a wide-angled zoom as it allows a broader shot to be made when in a confined area.   As I’ve mentioned before, all are cropped, a couple significantly.  Shooting around a busy market place, it’s difficult to get the framing precise in the time available.  In any case some scenes work better (in my mind anyway) in a different ratio from that which the camera records, say more square or more distinctly rectangular.  The drawback to this is if you want to print and frame the image, it becomes much more difficult to match the print size to “standard” frame sizes!

Alex Slater

My contributions to the collection using my mobile with minor adjustments.

Martin Fisk

The first taken on my iPhone, the others shot with my Nikon D3200, using a pair of Zoom lenses.

Cherrie Temple

Having seen images from other group members, I have tried not to duplicate as I took several similar images! All were taken on my Fujifilm X-T30 camera. I used Luminar 4 to tweak, crop and resize.

Basil Helman

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