Photo Group June 2021: The Littoral zone

Each member has their own gallery below.  You can open a gallery by clicking on (or tapping) an image.  You can then go back < and forward > using the chevrons at each side of the image.  Exit using the big X at the top right above the image – and then you can open another member’s gallery.  If you would like to add a comment, there is a space for this at the bottom of the page. 

Derek Webb

All taken on a Canon 80D with a 28mm to 135mm zoom (varying focal lengths).

Steve Presnell

All were taken on my (new) Lumix TZ200 pocket camera.  ISO25 with exposure on auto, using compensation dial on some.  I have intentionally over-saturated the last picture to exaggerate the contrast between the two complementary colours. 

John Batt

1 to 5 were taken with a Nikon 550 using a 18 to 400 mm lens, with an ISO of 800 at F10 – apart from 5: A place to explore, which was taken at full zoom using F6.7; and 6, which was taken with a wide angle 10 to 20mm lens at F14.

Alex Slater

Taken using my Samsung mobile phone.

Barbara Robinson

All taken on auto with an Olympus E-M10 Mark II

Mark Rest

Taken on Martin’s Nikon Bridge (P610) camera on auto.

Peter Leather

All taken on aperture priority f8 and ISO 200.  I was particularly taken with the effect of the strong light on the sand and stones.

Stewart Lane

All taken with a Canon 5DII with a 70-200 zoom lens, chosen as I thought the opportunities from a telephoto lens would be greater than a standard or wide-angle lens.  However, using a telephoto on a slightly breezy day meant I needed to keep a reasonably fast shutter speed, so to assist I used 400 ISO.

All shots were captured as RAW so all received some processing in Lightroom to refine exposure, sharpness, etc., but no major manipulations made.

1: Flowers at top of zone.  70mm, 1/800 at F11. Straightened slightly. Perhaps a smaller aperture with a slower shutter speed might have given a sharper focus to houses in the distance. 2: Modern hoop rolling?  116mm, 1/1250 at f8.  Substantially cropped on all sides.  Very much a ‘grab’ (i.e. a ‘grabbed’ and not a pre-planned shot), as this interesting action suddenly appeared, so settings remained as they were for the preceding shot (not included here).  A head-on shot, rather than side-on, would probably have been better.  3: Rope on railings.  78mm, 1/250 at f5.6. Substantially cropped on both sides.  Probably better if shot at 1/125 and f8 to give more depth of focus as interest is static, but items in distance need to be out of focus to avoid a confusing image. Borderline as being relevant to the brief!   4: Buggy with family in distance: 70mm, 1/400 at f14.  Slightly cropped top and sides.  Small aperture to try and get some sharpness to family in distance as well as buggy in foreground.

Dave Simpson Scott

All fresh (no processing) from the camera after a week in Cornwall

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Martin Fisk

Taken with my Nikon D3200 and an 18-105mm zoom, set on programmed auto – so adjusted as seemed fit. Processed through PaintShop Pro and Lightroom, and hopefully not oversaturated!  Details of each photo’s settings are given in the expanded view.

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Basil Helman

Taken with 24mm and 75mm prime lenses

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One thought on “Photo Group June 2021: The Littoral zone

  1. Mark RestMark Rest

    More wonderful photos.

    Was particularly interested in Stewart’s comments on Depth of Field/Focus. Well explained, in my humble opinion.

    It’s been years since I’ve taken the time to go “Off AUTO” mode.

    Might have a go at “Aperture Priority” mode. Does anyone want to discuss using “Aperture Priority” mode? realise that a no from the Smartphone fraternity(smiley face).

    kind regards


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