Christmas / by Michael Elwick

By | February 9, 2021
Hear this page!

Once again around it comes

Time once more to do my sums

I’ve seen so many come and go

Yet back they come, as fresh as snow


Every time the church bells ring

Glory to the new-born king

And so it tolls again today

As once it did, so many years ago.


In Bethl’em there was a child

Still lying in a stable, cows beside,

And Ma and Pa were there as well

As though a little crowd had come.


The shepherds came, to be in awe

And give their lambs to Agnus Dei,

And now the Magi from afar to worship

And, ‘fear’d of Herod, left by another way


A very traditional view of Christmas

And not one, alas, we have today  

‘Tis sad, and yet it may not last

There may be yet a way to find the past.

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