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Looking down to Foreland Point / by Michael Elwick

Looking down to Foreland Point I am reminded of times past Conger eels the size of a man Caught in the wreck off the coast there.   Lobsters and mackerel fresh from the sea The mackerel caught on the tide line Cooked, fried in butter for breakfast, Their colour still on them   Lobster salad for lunch The… Read More »

Exmoor so fair / by Eileen Ann Moore

For we love to see the sunrise at morn To hear the lark sing at the breaking of dawn And we love to see the lambs skip and play To feel the dew fall at the end of the day   For we love to smell the perfume of flowers To watch the bees as they suck pollen… Read More »

St Valentine’s Day / by Michael Elwick

Wouldst thou be mine, my love And never more to part? The sky doth change from day to day And clouds do mar the sun: Our love will overcome all this And will not change with years But grow, my love, and then become The sweet perfection of desires, That we could ever wish, or want, Or ever… Read More »

I care / by Michael Elwick

I shout because I care, I cry because I care I try to do right because I care I do too much because I care I doubt because I care I do all these things but only worry you because I care I  care because I care I care.

In Praise of Culvercliffe / by Susan Hutchings

What stories you must have to tell What hidden tales of sorrow and joy What indiscretions must be buried within How many altercations have seeped into you No control over what or whom you have absorbed A dull day interrupted by an inquisitive sniffing visitor Nothing changes for you except the view Sometimes you look out to murky… Read More »

Christmas / by Michael Elwick

Once again around it comes Time once more to do my sums I’ve seen so many come and go Yet back they come, as fresh as snow   Every time the church bells ring Glory to the new-born king And so it tolls again today As once it did, so many years ago.   In Bethl’em there was… Read More »

A carol for Minehead / by Eileen Ann Moore

[Chorus]: Christmastime is when everyone sings Two turtle doves and five gold rings But sing a carol with me my love Sing a carol with me.     We all rush around and are in a hurry Food and presents give us some worry But we must remember today That Christ was born on Christmas Day   Christmas… Read More »

Little boy kneels / by Michael Elwick

Little boy kneels at the foot of the bed. What an idea he has in his head; It may be a mouse or a tiger or two, There’s trouble for someone afore the night’s through.   Little boy wondering how many stairs How did he climb them? They seem like chairs One foot on one and one on… Read More »

Autumn / by Michael Elwick

Autumn, the wind blows and the rain pours. In the hedgerow, nature’s harvest grows, Hips and haws bright red, Blackberries ripen in the autumn sun.   Birds have reared their young and fly in pairs Seemingly unwilling to break their family ties. All the beasts of the field prepare For the winter, and all that lies ahead.  … Read More »

On life in coronavirus / by Michael Elwick

My wife of over fifty years is dying In the room next door. One minute she is still with me And the next she is gone. Oh, the arrangements, never ending, The weeks before the funeral seem to take for ever, And then, over in a flash. The length of a single thought It can last for seconds… Read More »