Exmoor so fair / by Eileen Ann Moore

By | March 8, 2021
Hear this page!

For we love to see the sunrise at morn

To hear the lark sing at the breaking of dawn

And we love to see the lambs skip and play

To feel the dew fall at the end of the day


For we love to smell the perfume of flowers

To watch the bees as they suck pollen for hours

And we love to feel the rain on our face

To see the clouds ’cross the sky as they race                     


For we love to walk with our toes in the sand

To go over the moor with our love hand in hand

And we love to see the harvest of gold

To watch in the evening the sunset unfold                        


For we love to hear the nightingale sing

To look for the stars as the twilight they bring

And we love to feel the crisp frost in the air

To sit in the moonlight at midnight so clear                      


For we love to hear the folk music play

To follow the horse to bring in the May

And we love to travel to coasts azure blue

To climb to the hilltops all white with the snow


For we love to sit by the fire as it glows

To shut up the doors ’gainst the wind as it blows

And we love to breathe the fresh air as we sleep 

And close to our hearts these memories we’ll keep          


We have all of these things on Exmoor so fair 

And we think of them now and the memories we share

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