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Kay BullenKay Bullen

My Weekly walks – Kay Bullen:

22nd Feb – North Hill far car park, The Cross, Lynch Combe & Bossington Hill circuit.

A lovely sunny day for a walk, had fabulous views from Bossington Hill looking over Lower Bossington Car Park by Kitner’s and the Rec ground at Allerford.  In the car on the way to the car park just before the Memorial Hut were 2 Red Deer.  Heard Green Woodpecker, numerous times, and Song Thrushes, the bird song is increasing as February slips by.  The other noticeable sound was from the busy bees working on the Gorse.  Saw Ravens, 3 unusually quiet Buzzards lazily making use of the thermals, Sky Larks, Stonechats and the usual smaller birds.   Might have identified more if I had not left my binoculars at home!!


25th Feb – Croydon Hill to Clicket.

Intended to walk around Croydon Hill and then drop down to Clicket but the Forest Enterprise were working along the route I intended to take so dropped straight down onto Timberscombe Common.

Within minutes I saw my first butterfly of the year, could not make out what species but it was large and dark so guess a Peacock.  Saw Pheasant, Buzzard and Raven heard Skylark, Jay, Green Woodpecker and Greenfinch.

Masses of Snowdrops through most of the walk and a few primroses, also some Pussy Willow buds.  Certainly worth a visit again at this time of year, although it was muddy and springs were in full flow.

26th Feb –North Hill far end car park to Bossington Hill.

Lovely day but fairly short walk today due to other commitments.  Saw Buzzard, Raven, Green Woodpecker, Long Tailed Tit, Goldfinch, Stonechat and Skylark.  Heard Greenfinch.

Two Red Deer seen and a Peacock Butterfly.

27th Feb – Horner, Ley Hill, Granny’s Ride, Pentley Seat circuit

Whilst it was very foggy in Minehead once I got to Selworthy it was clear.

Lovely walk down from near the top of Ley Hill through the woods.  Heard a Woodpecker drumming (given Green Woodpeckers don’t often drum I guess it was a Great Spotted Woodpecker).  Great Spotted was heard later and also a Green Woodpecker was seen.  Buzzards and Ravens with one encounter where the Ravens were seeing off the Buzzard.  One interested encounter was some Jays make very loud alarm calls and in between the calls I heard a Whoo of a Tawny Owl.  I assume it was trying to sleep but was found by the Jays and that was why they were “alarming” – did not find the Owl.  Out of the woods were Stonechats, Goldfinches and Greenfinch heard.

Six red deer – 2 stags and 4 hinds viewed from just below Pentley Seat, watched them grazing for a good 15 minutes and eventually they worked their way up to the skyline, so brilliant views of the stags with their newly forming antlers.