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Kay BullenKay Bullen

More notes from my walks:

22nd March – North Hill, The Cross, Allerford Combe, Lynch Combe, Bossington Hill, passing top end of Hurlstone and East Combe.

Buzzards and Ravens flying overhead.   Lots of Skylarks, Green Woodpecker heard, and Nuthatch on drive home near Moor Wood.

24th March – from car park top of Selworthy Hill, Bury Castle, The Cross, Allerford Combe, Holnicote Combe, St Katherine’s Well circuit.

Heard first Chiffchaff of the season, indeed there were several calling.  Several Buzzards overhead, Treecreeper, Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker heard.

Roe Deer and Peacock butterfly seen.

26th March – Beacon Road, down to Greenaleigh Track and across to Burgundy Chapel

Fairly quiet, as it rained part way through the walk.  Saw Buzzard and Nuthatch, heard Chiffchaffs, Great Spotted Woodpecker (calls and drumming), Buzzard and Jay.

Wood Sorrel along Greenaleigh track.

27th March – A 39 Periton, Black Knap, up Periton Hill towards Wootton Common and back down to A39

Heard numerous Chiffchaffs and managed to see one, Goldfinch and Pheasant also seen.  Heard Song Thrush, Great Spotted Woodpecker (calls & drumming), Jay, Buzzard and Raven.

Also saw a still pool with tadpoles and at least 5 small newts.

A few Wood Sorrel flowers in Knapp Wood area but lots more developing.