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Kay BullenKay Bullen

Snow Bunting update.  I went to Dunster Beach this morning.  Met someone who said there was one by the shovels (turn right at car park entrance with sea on your left) and keep going.  Went there but my sighting was a little further along.  So pass the shovels on your right, then also on right is a hedge line, then further on right is a large stone a few feet away from the fence (very obvious).  Directly opposite that stone on the other side of the path, so facing the sea, is where I saw it.  It was very close and just over the ridge on the seaward side and in amongst some pale yellow long flattened grass.  Good close views, I was standing on ridge above the path, saw it below me perched on a stone, foraging and stretching its wings.  Hope the above is enough and helps members to find it.