From the Chair – July 2021

By | July 12, 2021
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As someone whose working life has been spent in education, for me September has always been my New Year – with new courses, new students, new plans and hopes and even new resolutions.  And September 2021 looks as though it really could be the start of a new chapter for us all.

We are still unclear about how we can safely organise our large indoor coffee mornings, so until November Paul has booked speakers from around the country for us to enjoy over Zoom.  However, we are hoping to be able to hold some smaller informal coffee mornings in late September and October.

With regard to our indoor interest-group meetings, we hope it will be possible for most of those to restart safely before long.  As the rules relax, your committee will continue to offer guidance and support with risk management.  Do check with group convenors or check the website for up-to-date information.

As September will represent our New Year, can I ask you to consider making a resolution to help Minehead and District u3a return to take its place as a vibrant and valued organisation within the local community?  Here are some ways in which you can help us to achieve that.

Promote our u3a and recruit new members.  We know people are leaving cities to come and live in our lovely part of the country, so please look out for opportunities to invite your new neighbours to join us.  As I write this column, our membership is 270; in 2019 it was 440.

Share your interests, skills and expertise by starting a new groupEven under the Covid restrictions, we have formed the Prog Rock and e-bike groups, both of which have attracted new members to join our u3a.

Offer to help group convenors, so that in-person meetings can resume.  There will be extra work managing indoor settings, which may be too much for one person.

Join an additional group.  With lower membership numbers, without your support even our established groups may struggle to remain viable.

Help us to run the organisationWe particularly need more support in publicity and marketing, and in IT – and the Committee would welcome any help you could offer.

Enjoy the summer break.  And I hope you’ll join me in looking forward to September as a positive new start for our u3a!

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