Little boy kneels / by Michael Elwick

By | February 9, 2021
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Little boy kneels at the foot of the bed.

What an idea he has in his head;

It may be a mouse or a tiger or two,

There’s trouble for someone afore the night’s through.


Little boy wondering how many stairs

How did he climb them? They seem like chairs

One foot on one and one on another

He’d like to sit or be carried by mother.


Little boy’s small and cannot wander

So it’s to bed he’ll go to ponder

Make it a ship or a boat

Oh, if  only he could make it float


Little boy stands on the end of his bed.

“What are you doing Sir?” I said,

“I’m an Admiral — bold and brave

And I’ll defy the watery wave!”


But then the door swings open wide

Mother reviews her joy and pride

“Time for bed, to be tucked up tight

And mind the sails are set just right.”


“For it might snow, or rain, or hail,

Or out  at sea it might just gale

And if the rigging’s not in trim

Oh, what will then become of him?”


So from his cockpit snug and sound

The Captain docks and runs aground

No trips around the bay

For he has gone to bed to stay.

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