General History Presentations

This page lists General History group presentations that are available as Powerpoint (PPT – the full slide presentation, with each slide shown individually), or as PDF (a single document containing all of the slides, continuously listed), and also as videorecordings of Zoom presentations.  Please note that if your Internet connection is on the slow side, then the larger the presentation, then the longer a Powerpoint will take to appear on screen; you may like to preview the presentation first in the PDF format which will be quicker.

Notes on handling a Powerpoint file: a presentation using Powerpoint may not exceed 6Mb in size. If larger, the presentation may be split in two, or output to PDF format

Notes on handling a PDF file:  a download link is provided to allow you to download the file (please respect the author’s copyright); clicking into the first slide displayed will allow you to scroll through the document. 

Notes on Zoom recordings.  These are restricted to registered and logged-in members.

Title Author Date presented Size – number of slides, and of file [Mb] Link 
William Marshall – Powerpoint slides Jan Lowy February 2021 27 [8Mb PPT] PPT Link
William Marshall – notes Jan Lowy February 2021 [32k Doc]  
Lamorbey – from rural idyll to suburban sprawl David Temple May 2021 Zoom video [32 min] Zoom Link