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By | July 3, 2021
Hear this page!

In June 2021 we have had six months’ experience of modifying and updating the new website, and as with all experience, we are determined to learn from it!

One major change  planned is to do with being able to login in to the website. From now on all u3a members will  – as part of the joining process – be set up with ‘an account’ to login to the website to see the members-only content. [Previously we asked members to do this for themselves]. Some information is ‘behind the login’ – this may be for example, recordings of member talks, or information which has copyright issues which preclude ‘open’ publication. or contain personal information (such as the older newsletters). All members who do not currently ‘have an account’ will be contacted personally – so read your u3a emails! NB No change for those who already have an account [i.e. have already registered].

100 members registered!

We were pleased to welcome Anneke and Dave Walmsley as new members of our U3A recently. And we can now say that they have registered with the website too, with Anneke becoming the 100th member to register.

Sadly we are having a battle against spammers at present, with many attempts by the spammers to register.  We are of course robustly defending against them, but please note that we will shortly be updating the registration process.  Stay tuned for more information.

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