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    Helen SellingsHelen Sellings

    First published in 1880, this biography explores the life of Lord Byron, by setting Byron’s work in a historical context and show’s how the poet was idolised in his lifetime. However, I felt that this book lacked objectivity as the author was clearly enthralled by the poet’s intellect and poetical skills. Other notorious aspects of his life such as his marriage of convenience, numerous affairs, debts and the cruel treatment of his illegitimate daughter, Allegra, were disregarded with only the merest mention. In my opinion, this is not a balanced book encompassing all aspects of Byron’s life.

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    Hilary FiskHilary Fisk

    1880s sensibilities probably precluded open discussion of Lord B’s affairs of the heart!  The same thing happened with John Forster on Dickens … it is good to be reminded sometimes that the ideas of what is appropriate for a biography change over time. I don’t think I will put this on my ‘to read’ list though, thanks Helen!

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