Every picture tells a story?

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    Hilary FiskHilary Fisk

    Some pictures are intriguing as to the story they may be telling. See for example Ophelia Redpath’s work, which often combines a kind of hyper realism with an odd narrative twist.

    Polka dots and painting, by Ophelia Redpath

    Two figures are standing in front of a painting in a gallery. The man has a hand on the (younger) woman’s shoulder. Is this a ‘Me Too’ moment, or is he just being enthusiastic? What about the figure on the far left? Is he taking an interest in the interaction…? And why does the woman have a hat held behind her when she already has a flower in her hair?  I love the wonky angles of this, the colours are beautiful – that dress! Gorgeous. Do you like it? and what could the story be, in your mind?

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