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    Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood


    Was it disturbing to read this dystopian account of our potential future world during pandemic lockdown? No, there are too many differences involved – our dystopia is more mundane than Atwood’s sometimes hilariously tragi-gothic vision of bio-engineering in gated communities in what is pretty clearly North American in outline. She is good on what could go ‘wrong’ (e.g pigoons) and I liked her dry sense of humour about the hubris of modern life. It is disappointing that the eponymous couple do not emerge as fully fledged people, particularly Oryx is thinly drawn- maybe this was deliberate as this was how ‘Jimmy’ related to her, very superficially.

    I found the Crakers were rather un-believable. It was hard to really root for the protagonist. But a worthwhile read and this will stay in my imagination.

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