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By | July 18, 2021
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Two important items of news regarding Townsend House:

1: Reopening

Jill Merer writes:
We met last week and will be opening slowly.
We are preparing a small sheet with guidance 
Please hand-gel your hands on arrival (hand gel provided)
Wipe down the tables before you leave.
Leave no rubbish.
Numbers should be limited to the size of the room.  Guidance:  8 in the Harbour Room; 12 in the Main Room;  8 in Room upstairs, where the window can be opened without as much traffic noise as downstairs.
The garden welcomes groups on a good day.
Bookings can be made on my new email address:
2: Volunteer wanted!

Jill also writes:

Many of you who use meeting rooms at Townsend House will know that I have been the booking secretary for a long time.   For the Townsend House Trust, room hire is an important part of our income.   I’d like to pass on my room-booking role to a willing volunteer before I can’t do it anymore.

Of course, I haven’t actually been doing the job for over a year, but we hope to open Townsend House again soon.   Most of the booking tasks can be done from home, so you won’t have to mix with people unnecessarily.   Please ring me on 01643 704782 for more information.

I am sure that all members will wish Jill many thanks for her help over the years with all those TH bookings, and wish her well in the future.

Hilary Fisk
Author: Hilary Fisk

Committee member (Membership Secretary) and Website Editor. Also the lead on the Shared Learning Project on the Knight Family Archive Transcriptions.

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