Walking cricket reaches Somerset!

By | November 7, 2021
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It’s not cricket – well actually it is!

If you think cricket is a slow game, what will you make of walking cricket?  But seriously, the emergence of a wide range of ‘walking’ versions of popular sports -including football, rugby, basketball, netball, hockey, rounders and tennis – has seen thousands of those aged 50+ with conditions which limit their participation in the traditional versions, discover a new way to remain active.  Not only is it proving physically beneficial but engaging with others in sports is shown to improve mental health and general wellbeing.

A Walking Sport is, understandably, a slower version of a game and rules are adapted to accommodate the slower pace.  Those who are addressing weight-related issues or recovering from operations or treatments and undergoing rehabilitation have found walking sports a real aid to improving their condition.  Some who suffer from social isolation or loneliness testify to the positive effect these sports have brought them.  So, if you are finding that age or disability mean you are having to make adjustments, then a Walking Sport may offer you a continuing opportunity to participate in an activity closely associated with one you have previously enjoyed.

Now, in Somerset, it is the turn of cricket to ‘go for a walk’!  Steve Gass is the Community Programmes Manager at the Somerset Cricket Foundation (formerly the Somerset Cricket Board) based at the County Ground in Taunton.  He is planning to launch Walking Cricket in the new year and would love to hear from any who might be interested in participating in or even helping to organise sessions – which will be held indoors.

You can contact Steve by email: steve.gass@somersetcricketfoundation.org.

Brian Pearson
(Chairman, Somerset Seniors Cricket Association and Walking Cricket Ambassador)

Barnsley u3a discovers walking cricket!

Hilary Fisk
Author: Hilary Fisk

Committee member (Membership Secretary) and Website Editor. Also the lead on the Shared Learning Project on the Knight Family Archive Transcriptions.

3 thoughts on “Walking cricket reaches Somerset!

  1. Martin FiskMartin Fisk

    Walking football uses a football! and has goalposts, and is absolutely recognisable as the real game. As far as I can see ‘walking cricket’ is just a travesty – plastic ball, plastic bat, plastic stumps…. There is no difference here from beach cricket. If there was a ‘slow cricket’ using proper equipment, then I would be in. Delights of spin with a good ball – and pitch!

    1. John BattJohn Batt

      Too far for me to chase balls hit with proper equipment. I am going to contact Steve to find out more as I will have some time after May

  2. Hilary FiskHilary Fisk Post author

    It sounds to be that this might end up being a little akin to ‘stoolball’ which is a Rounders type game played in Sussex.


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