Speaker display options

By | October 22, 2020

The default screen setting is to see a full screen image of the current speaker – the display type defined as ‘Speaker View‘.  The current speaker is defined by activity on their microphone, so incidental sounds may intrude, with the result that the screen may become jerky and flashy as it changes between participants.  We recommend instead clicking on ‘Gallery view’ at the top right of your screen (to see this menu option move your mouse or cursor so that the black menu bar appears along the top).  This will show each participant in a stable view, highlighting the current speaker with a yellow border (note that if the discussion is quite animated and your connection is not top speed, then the screen identification of the current speaker may be a little out of step).

Please note that when you see this option in Gallery View, it is relabelled as ‘Speaker View’, allowing you to return to the focussed view, which may be valuable if one individual is giving a presentation.  The Speaker View is also useful in larger groups if there is some structured discussion, such as question and answer, as it allow you to identify the speaker more easily than skimming through the small images trying to spot someone talking!

In Gallery View, you will be able to see all of the participants in the Videoconference:

Please note that the screen will not display all participants in a large meeting: for more details on changing the view on different devices, please see Seeing everyone in the meeting.