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    Isn’t it amazing? We have had a serious pandemic, but the contributions here have dried up!  It does not seem worth keeping this forum open, but before we close it…. No one has written on their experiences with the virus, so I will take that up, having just become free of it!  I was very unhappy to be hit after two years of avoiding the bug, but then that is the nature of such a pandemic.  I went to a quiz night at Minehead Social Club, and must have encountered a carrier there.  A couple of days later I felt similar to having had a bit too much to drink, although I had not touched a drop at the time, and in my case the virus targeted my tonsils, inflaming them, and disappearing my appetite; I could not drink hot liquids, and had to clear my throat constantly, so I barely slept for three days.  I took LFTs and declared the results of course, so was self isolating.  It was then simply a matter of looking after myself and coming through it.  I must have received a good hit to tackle my triple jab – Hilary also tested positive, but with far less severe symptoms, possibly because she caught it from me, but the transmission load was reduced.  We are both fine now and can meet safely! But it does go to show that this thing is far from over, and can be very serious if you have an underlying condition.  Don’t take chances! Stay safe!

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