Genealogy – a new interest group?

By | April 7, 2022
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There was considerable interest evident in the presence of over 20 people physically ‘present’ at the Baptist Church, as well as another 14 participants via ZOOM link, for the ‘Test’ Hybrid meeting on Tuesday 5th April. John Batt gave a short presentation which focused on aspects of his family background. Two of his ancestors found themselves in different orphanages when their parents sadly died while they were young – one as young as ten months! The different experiences of the two – a boy and a girl  -assigned to two different orphanages – have been investigated by John and he compared and contrasted their different records to illustrate some interesting aspects of ‘social welfare’ in the Victorian age. 

John offered this presentation partly as a way of possibly ‘kick starting’ a genealogy or Family History group, and it certainly seems from the attendance at the event that there may be appetite for more on this theme.

Martin Fisk has kindly offered to co-ordinate some next steps. His background in information research and long experience of using a wide range of genealogical reference tools, mainly online, may be helpful for others, particularly those starting out to work on a family tree, or those who have started but have hit obstacles. 

Those people who attended the Tuesday 5th meeting, either physically or virtually, will be contacted further on this topic. If anyone else would like to join in, please contact Martin using the email

Hilary Fisk
Author: Hilary Fisk

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