Private Chat

By | October 13, 2020

Zoom allows users (in Windows, which offers two Zoom sessions; but not tablets or smartphones) to chat with each other, while in a meeting,  through the private chat function.  As well as simple text messages, users can send files, screenshots, images to each other without bothering the rest of the meeting.  

Zoom control bar

Follow these steps to start a new chat in Zoom:

  1.   Log in to Zoom and Select the ‘Chat’ button from the Control bar at the top of the screen. This will bring up the chat homepage:

2.    Click the small ‘+’ button beside ‘Recent’ in the panel on the left and this will invoke a small menu:

select ‘New Chat’.  You will be able to add the person you would like to chat with, at the top of the Chat window.

In Chat,  you can communicate with specific users in a channel or chat.  You can ‘mention’ a user using controls as listed below:

To mention a user, simply type ‘@’ and begin to type the user’s name.  A list with all the users on the current call will pop up to help you choose.

Chat mentions can also be used to link to a certain channel.  Use the following chat mentions to notify other users:

    • @all: Send a notification to all users on the channel.
    • @[User’s name]: Mention a particular user
    • #[channel name]: Link to a  certain channel. Only members of that channel will be able to access that link.

The mentioned user will receive a notification that they have been mentioned.  Clicking on the notification will take them to the chat message in which they were mentioned.  This is especially useful in creating a flow of conversation, as the user knows they are being addressed.