Sending files or screenshots in chat

By | October 17, 2020


The chat function allows contacts to not only send messages to each other but also files.  This may eliminate the need to use other file sharing applications since all transactions can happen within the chat window itself.

To send a file, click on the ‘File’ button just above the box you normally use for entering your chat:

Chat box, showing upload options

You can now select the source from which you would like to upload the file (Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft Sharepoint, or Your computer): 

Uploading a file – source selector

Having made the selection, you will then be able to navigate the options to locate the file.  Simply click on it and it will upload and be made available. 


Zoom also allows users to take a picture of your screen straight from the chat window.  Options allow you to cut out a portion of your screen, draw on it to highlight any aspects you would like to, and then either download it or send it via chat.

Follow these steps to send a screenshot from the Zoom chat window

(i)  Open the chat window in which you would like to send the screenshot.

(ii) Click the ‘Screenshot’ button located just above the box you normally use for entering your chat:

Chat box, showing upload options

(iii) Now click and drag your cursor to select the portion of the screen you would like to crop.  Once selected, you can edit the image with the tools provided at the bottom of the image. (note the small downward chevron next to the Screenshot button – this allows you to hide the Chat window if it is getting in the way)

(iv) You can choose either to ‘Download’ the image (save to local disk) or ‘Send’ it in the chat.

Note: if you are the mobile version of the app (for smartphone or tablet), you do have to use the default screenshot settings specific to the device (Different devices employ different ways to take screenshots. For example, on a Samsung phone you must press and hold the power button and (at the same time) the volume down button for 1 second to take a screenshot of the current screen). Samsung users can then share the screenshot using Share>Photo.  There are too many variants to list here – if you are not sure, please contact IT Champions with details of your device. 

Remember that a screenshot has value in an exchange – especially if you find yourself unable to share a screen, or if there is some presentation already in process – as the screenshot captures the specific detail and can be examined as a still frame. 

You cannot share a Zoom screen using Zoom screenshare! In such a case, taking a screenshot is quite critical to support helpers.