Sharing a YouTube video

By | October 6, 2020

You can share a YouTube video over Zoom.  Note that the normal basic screen share will allow you to play a video – but without the additional steps below, the participant will see, but not hear the necessary audio track.

  1. Start your Zoom meeting, with you logged in as the Host
  2. Ensure you already have YouTube running, have selected the video you want to play, and have gone past any attached adverts.  Pause the video at the beginning, while you perform the next steps.
  3. Click the green ‘Share screen’ button in the toolbar (note that by default, only the host is able to Share screen; other participants are able to share their screen only if enabled by the host).
  4. You will see the pop-up window where (‘Basic’) you can select your desktop or application.  Click the check box in the lower left of the window that says ‘Share computer sound’ – and then select the YouTube video which will be clearly shown in the window
  5. You can now return to the YouTube application, and remove the Pause to play the video.
  6. If you have missed the check box, the video will play without sound for the participants – but you can recover using the … (More) button on the toolbar, selecting ‘Share computer sound’:

    Remember that on completion of the video, YouTube may continue with a new video selection (this depends on your local settings and is not covered here).  To prevent this: you can a) stop the share; b) close the YouTube application; c) mute your device speaker (but this does not itself stop the video).