From the Chair – January 2022

By | January 20, 2022
Hear this page!

The Yiddish proverb ‘Man plans, and God laughs’ has never seemed more appropriate than in relation to 2021.  So, what of 2022?

Whatever it has in store for us, we must not give up on planning.  But, at the same time, we have to be realistic: any plans we make need to be as flexible and responsive as we can make them.  Please remember that and take a philosophical approach to any late changes that group convenors make.

Attendance at group meetings is very much an individual decision.  To protect others, if you have any cold-like symptoms or if you have very recently returned from travelling, please take a lateral flow test on the day of the meeting, or check with your convenor whether it is possible to use our new hybrid meeting kit, so that you can join the group’s meeting remotely via Zoom.

School students are now required to wear masks in class.  The National u3a Office view, which the committee supports, is that, as we are an educational organisation, our members should adhere to the same rule.

Being optimistic – and therefore hoping not to cause any gods too much amusement – we are now aiming to start our social coffee mornings from March.  Look out for more on these in our February newsletter.

I have begun to explore setting up a walking cricket group; some are running successfully in other parts of the country.  If your New Year resolution is to try something new, look at the list of our groups at the end of this newsletter.  And if you would like to join – or even lead – an interest group that’s not on the list, please contact any committee member and we’ll see what we can do.

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