From the Chair – May 2022

By | May 10, 2022
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A new u3a has been created for the Quantock area and I recently attended their inaugural meeting. It’s taken a few months for them to get together a committee and find group convenors, but they’re now up and running. For any of our members who’d also like to belong to Quantock u3a, their current associate membership fee will be £8. I’ve also had contact from the Chairman of Exmoor u3a to introduce himself and their new committee. They are aiming to triple their small membership of 20 and to offer more groups than their current three. Both u3as are excited about the future. 

We too have struggled to find new committee members, but I’m pleased that we do now have enough nominations to move forward into our next u3a year.

Three of our trustees are leaving the committee after many years of service: Helen, Group Co-ordinator; Hilary, Membership Secretary and Website Editor; and Margaret, Newsletter Editor and Press & Publicity. In addition, Mark, IT adviser, and Sue, our Secretary, are standing down. Saying thank you to these volunteers on behalf of each of our u3a members (that would be 324 times!) still does not seem adequate appreciation of all they have done for our u3a.

As with Quantock and Exmoor u3as, our own new committee will, I’m sure, be working to develop membership and opportunities. At the same time, they will no doubt also be considering how to combine the best of the tried and tested u3a model with the extra opportunities that technology has offered us over the last two years. 

No doubt the next few months will have their challenges as we emerge from our Covid hibernation, and the new committee gets to work. I’m confident, however, that West Somerset will soon be home to the most vibrant group of u3as in the country!

John Batt

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