Book index

These two tables index books reviewed and commented on in all of the separate book groups and the books forum. Follow the link for each title to read the comments.


Adams, DouglasHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (The)Book Group 4Link
Arnold, LukeLast Smile in Sunder City (The)
Book Group 4Link
Arnold, LukeDead Man in a DitchBook Group 4Link
Atwood, Margaret Oryx and Crake Books ForumLink
Barry, SebastianDays Without EndBooks ForumLink
Bates, H ETriple echo (The)Book Group 4Link
Bellairs, George Body in the Dumb River (The) Book Group 4Link
Bellairs, George He’d Rather Be DeadBook Group 4Link
Bellairs, George Surfeit of SuspectsBook Group 4Link
Bennett, S JWindsor knot (The)Book Group 4Link
Binchy, MaeveScarlet FeatherBook Group 4Link
Boyne, John Heart’s Invisible Furies (The)Book Group 3Link
Bulgakov, MikhailYoung doctor's notebook (A)Book Group 4Link
Burton, Jessie Muse (The)Book Group 4Link
Chatwin, BruceUtzBooks ForumLink
Cheek, MavisTruth to tellBook Group 4Link
Christofi, AlexDostoevsky in loveBooks ForumLink
Coe, JonathanMiddle EnglandBooks ForumLinkLink
Colgan, JennyBookshop on the shore (The)Book Group 4Link
Dick, Philip KScanner darkly (A)Book Group 4Link
Dickens, CharlesOur mutual friendBooks ForumLink
Dingle, RosanneDeath in MaltaBook Group 4Link
Du Maurier, Daphne Loving Spirit (The) Book Group 4Link
Dunmore, Helen Siege (The)Books ForumLink
Dunmore, Helen Birdcage WalkBooks ForumLink
Evans, Lissa
The Crooked Heart (The)Book Group 1Link
Fellowes, Jessica Mitford Murders (The)Book Group 1Link
Field, DavidInterviewing the DeadInterviewing the DeadLink
Galbraith,  Robert (aka J K Rowling)Troubled Blood (Cormoran Strike 5)
Book Group 4Link
Glasfurd, Guinevere
Words in my Hand (The)
Book Group 1Link
Gloag, JulianOur Mother’s HouseBook Group 4Link
Goddard, Robert Past CaringBook Group 4Link
Grace, MariaDragons of Kellynch (The)Book Group 4Link
Greene, GrahamOur man in HavanaBook Group 4Link
Grisham, John Confession (The)Book Group 4Link
Hadlow, Janice Other Bennet Sister (The)Books ForumLink
Harris, Joanne Blackberry WineBook Group 4Link
Harris, Joanne Coastliners Book Group 4Link
Hazzard, Shirley Bay of Noon (The)
Book Group 4Link
Hazzard, Shirley
Collected StoriesBooks ForumLink
Hedges, CarolDiamonds and dustBook Group 4Link
Herron, MikeSlow Horses Book Group 4Link
Herron, MikeDead LionsBook Group 4Link
Herron, MikeReal TigersBook Group 4Link
Herron, MikeSpook Street
Book Group 4Link
Herron, MikeLondon RulesBook Group 4Link
Heyer, Georgette Civil Contract (A)Book Group 4Link
Hopkins, BenCathedralBooks ForumLink
Kay, Guy GavrielSong for Arbonne (A)Book Group 4Link
King, Laurie RBeekeeper’s Apprentice (The)Book Group 4Link
Kingsolver, Barbara UnshelteredBooks ForumLink
Kipling,Rudyard Just So StoriesBook Group 4Link
Larsson, Asa Savage Altar (The)   (Rebecka Martinsson 1)Book Group 4Link
Larsson, Asa Blood Spilt (The)      (Rebecka Martinsson 2)Book Group 4Link
Larsson, Asa Black Path (The)    (Rebecka Martinsson 3)Book Group 4Link
Larsson, Asa Until Thy Wrath Be Past  (Rebecka Martinsson 4)Book Group 4Link
Larsson, Asa Second Deadly Sin (The)    (Rebecka Martinsson 5)Book Group 4Link
Larsson, Stieg Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (The)  Book Group 4Link
Larsson, Stieg Girl Who Played With Fire (The) Book Group 4Link
Larsson, Stieg Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (The) Book Group 4Link
Laxness , Halldor Independent PeopleBook Group 4Link
Magnusson, Sally Sealwoman's Gift (The)
Book Group 1Link
Manzini, AntonioBlack RunBook Group 4Link
Manzini, AntonioCold Death (A)Book Group 4Link
Manzini, AntonioOut of SeasonBook Group 4Link
Manzini, AntonioSpring CleaningBook Group 4Link
McGregor, Jon If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable ThingsBook Group 3Link
Mitchell, Margaret Gone With The WindBook Group 4Link
Mo, Timothy Monkey King (The)Book Group 4Link
Moseley, Philippa
Diary of a Medieval LadyBook Group 1Link
Mosse, KateTaxidermist's daughter (The)Book Group 4Link
Mukherjee, Abir Rising Man (A)Books ForumLink
Nesser, Håkan Secret Life of Mr Roos (The)Book Group 4Link
Rutledge, Linda West with GiraffesBook Group 4Link
Sansom, C J SovereignBook Group 4Link
Shelley, MaryFrankensteinBook Group 4Link
Smith, Alexander McCall My Italian Bulldozer Book Group 4Link
Tartt, DonnaGoldfinch (the)Books ForumLink
Tevis, WalterThe man who fell to earthBook Group 4Link
Towles, Amor Gentleman in Moscow (A)Books ForumLink
Tubb, E C (Edwin Charles)Winds of Gath (The); Derai (and about 31 other books)Book Group 4Link
Varesi, ValerioRiver of shadows (A Commissario Soneri mystery)Book Group 4Link
Vichi, MarcoDeath in AugustBook Group 4Link
Waterfield, GilesHound in the left-hand corner (TheBooks ForumLink
Waterhouse, Keith Billy LiarBook Group 4Link
Wignall, KevinThose who disappearedBook Group 4Link
Wingfield, R D Frost at ChristmasBook Group 4Link
Wingfield, R D Touch of Frost (A)Book Group 4Link
Wingfield, R D Night Frost Book Group 4Link
Wingfield, R D Hard FrostBook Group 4Link
Wingfield, R D Winter FrostBook Group 4Link


Author TitleSourceLink
Brandreth, GylesPhilip - the last portraitBook Group 4Link
Collis, John StewartWorm Forgives the Plough (The):
-Following the Plough
-Down to Earth
Book Group 4Link
Doggett, PeterCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young: the biographyBook Group 4Link
Dutfield, Michael Marriage of Inconvenience: the persecution of Ruth and Seretse Khama (A)Book Group 4Link
Edgington, Harvey and Lauren TaylorNational Trust On Screen
Book Group 4Link
Gleeson, JanetArcanum (The)Books ForumLink
Hertmans, Stefan War and TurpentineBook Group 4Link
Hodge, SusieShort Story of Women Artists (The)Book Group 4Link
Miller, LucastaKeats: A Brief Life in Nine Poems and One EpitaphBooks ForumLink
Nichol, JohnByronBooks ForumLink
Nicholson, VirginiaPerfect Wives in Ideal Homes – The Story of Women in the 1950sBook Group 4Link
Rybczynski, Witold HomeBooks ForumLink
Uglow, JennyLunar men (The)Books ForumLink
Wassel, Todd Walking in CirclesBook Group 4Link
Williams, SusanColour Bar: the triumph of Seretse Khama and his NationBook Group 4Link