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By | February 1, 2022
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We are going to start Step’n’Snap again.  We need to sort out a day of the month for meeting.  For those not familiar with the group – it’s run by Rob Young, and is a photography group, which both encourages you to get out and about and provides photographic tutorials for new photographers.  Each month there is a theme.
The group was run in conjunction with Magna Housing, who had funding for the project. That funding has now finished, but the group will continue with some tweaks: it will still run via Zoom but on a renewing 45 minute session.  There used to be a £10 prize for best photograph, but with no funding this will end. This means that time won’t be used to explain the judging; instead, everyone will be invited to submit photographs – and Rob will pick his favourite picture by each member.  Everyone will get some time to explain their photographs, and then there will be a tutorial.
Each month the tutorial will be based on any technical issues, or on areas the group members wish to explore.  Themes this year will be more varied and the group can help pick them.  The first meeting will focus on ‘still life in or around your home’ followed, hopefully, by ‘portraits’.  This year, Covid permitting, there might be an opportunity to have a group meet up for some on the spot tutorials.  Anyone can join – if you were already part of the group you will receive an email, as we do wish to pick a time and day of the month that suits you.

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