From the Chair – February 2022

By | February 14, 2022
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You will all have received my letter seeking volunteers to serve on the committee, and I’m grateful to those who may be considering coming forward.  The Covid situation is slowly getting easier, so this month I want to write about a totally different subject: equipment.

We have been helped by equipment grants from SASP, and currently hold four Amazon Fire tablets – which are available to any member who may be struggling with IT equipment.  If you don’t have broadband at home, we can also help with connection to the internet.  SASP has also helped us to acquire some IT kit to support ‘hybrid’ meetings. Designed to extend the reach of face-to-face meetings, the kit uses technology including Zoom to broadcast an event to anyone who is reluctant or unable for any reason to be present in the meeting room.

At Townsend House we have a TV, a computer, a couple of video projectors and other assorted electrical gizmos.  After two or more years lying in the cupboard, these are being tested for safety before we use them again.  However, they are dated and may need to be replaced before long.  Many venues now have audio-visual equipment installed, so maybe there is no need to maintain our own equipment.

I would be interested to hear your views on any of this.  In the meantime, please do make use of the equipment our u3a owns – especially ensuring that we take advantage of the tablet devices we have on free loan to support any member who lacks IT connectivity at home.

John Batt

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