Sharing a screen – Windows

By | November 4, 2020

When in a Zoom meeting, there are many occasions when you may need to show your other participants an image or an email or something else which you have available on your own device, but which is not available (e.g. via a weblink) to the others.   You can do this using the Share screen options – which can be quite sophisticated, even allowing you to share music or a YouTube video.  

By default only the host can share their screen at any time (see below for enabling other participants to do this).  During the meeting, select the ‘Share Screen’ button (highlighted in green) at the bottom of the window:

You are now presented with the share screen options window.  Here, you can select which screen to share (if you’re connected to multiple monitors), a specific application that’s currently open (like Word, Chrome, email, etc.), or a Whiteboard:

Click on the screen that you’d like to share (not the one that says ‘Screen’ – because that was the one you were already looking at!), then click the ‘Share’ button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

Now, while you are sharing, all other participants can see your screen.

To stop screen sharing, click the red ‘Stop Share’ button at the top of the screen you are currently sharing.

This will return to general meeting settings – either Speaker or Gallery view

You can also change the Share – for instance, if you want to show a Word document as the main focus, but change to show an image or a video clip to illustrate a specific point.  Move your mouse, and the Menu at the top of the screen reveals new options:

New share allows you to return to the share screen window, to select the different application. As before, select it and click Share.

Pause share is also useful – this allows you to suspend the share, e.g. while you select a different aspect (whether another instance of the same application or a new changed application) without the participants having to watch you perform the change.  So if you feel hesitant about the action, or need to search for the new share, this hides potential embarrassment.  Please note that when you have used Pause share, then the button will change to be renamed Resume – and you need to click this to restart the share.

You can also use a Whiteboard.  See the separate page for details of this.

iPad controls are a little different. The Share button is at the top right of the screen (you may need to touch the screen to make it appear) and is labelled ‘Share Content’:

When you click the ‘Share Content’ button, a large set of options will be presented: