Sharing a screen – iPad

By | February 16, 2021

When in a Zoom meeting, there are many occasions when you may need to show your other participants an image or an email or something else which you have available on your own device, but which is not available (e.g. via a weblink) to the others.   You can do this using the Share screen options – which can be quite sophisticated, even allowing you to share music or a YouTube video.  

There are different ways of screen sharing according to the device that you use.  This page describes operations for iPad and Android tablets.  Please see the separate page for description of Windows operations. 

For tablets, controls and operations are a little different.  There are two distinct methods you can use.  The first method is simple – but it is not greatly sophisticated.  The second involves using your tablet in conjunction with a laptop device.

Method 1

The Share button is at the top right of the screen (you may need to touch the screen to make it appear) and is labelled ‘Share Content’:

When you click the ‘Share Content’ button, a large set of options will be presented:

As the image is not the clearest, here is the list of options:

Screen — this is the most likely share option: see Share Screen below

Photos — allows access to Photos on the tablet for selection and display

iCloud drive — allows you to login and elect a file to display

Dropbox — allows you to login and elect a file to display

Microsoft OneDrive — allows you to login and elect a file to display

Microsoft SharePoint — allows you to login and elect a file to display

Google Drive — allows you to login and elect a file to display

Box — allows you to login and elect a file to display

Website URL — allows you to enter a web address (URL) to share

Bookmark — allows access to your tablet bookmarks, to select a URL or a file on the tablet

Whiteboard — provides a blank screen to allow drawing or text to be created and/or shared

Share Screen

A menu on your phone/tablet will pop up to indicate where you’ll share your screen:

Zoom is preselected.  Simply click ‘Start Broadcast’ to get going.  After a brief countdown, a message will let you know you are successfully sharing your screen with everyone in the meeting.  Note that you won’t be able to see other meeting participants on screen, or multitask with other apps on your device, but your colleagues will be able to see your mobile screen From then until you stop, everything displayed on your tablet screen will be shared with other participants.

Note that you cannot share music on a tablet.

Method 2

This method lets you share better: you can multitask, use more features, and facilitate meetings easier when you’re working remotely.  It uses both your mobile device and your computer.  Sharing this way allows you to do all of the following at the same time:

  • Share your mobile device screen (with option to share your computer screen as well) — including the iPhone 12
  • See your colleagues on your computer video chat  
  • Use your computer to take notes, browse the web and use other apps
  • Show all parts of your shared screen — nothing is cut off from view

This method requires the download and installation of an app called Reflector on your Mac or Windows computer.  This document will not go further unless a member has or wants to use this app.  There is a download page at

which offers a 7 day free trial.  The actual cost of the app is USD 14.99 (I can’t find a UK price).  If you have this app or want to proceed with it, please let us know: IT Champions